Throat microphone earphone HRE-M141

For kenwood/ icom/ motorola radio

Throat Microphone
Put the microphone in the throat, it have good anti-noise function by thestrong throat vibration. Extract the voice to the ears through the acoustictube and convenient for use with helmet and gas mask, etc. Apply to fire,police, industrial, mountain climbing and so on. This product cancompatible with all Huari PTT.

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Product Details

 Product feature:
1. Durability & reliability & high sensitive for discreet communication
2. Designed with vibration sensor & suitable for very noisy environment,can eliminate noise and avoid echoes
3. Big revolving clips or finger PTT(Push to talk) available
4. Acoustic Tube earphone
5. A variety of plug and PTT for your choice & available for all kinds of two way radio brands