Digital walkie-talkie technology continues to improve


Digital walkie-talkie technology continues to improve

Wireless spectrum resources are limited, and people have higher requirements for the quality of walkie-talkie communication, high-definition, and higher communication range. How to meet the pressure of users and limited resources, walkie-talkie equipment is becoming more and more digital. Digital walkie-talkies have many performance advantages, which can help significantly improve the reliability, flexibility and intelligence of users' wireless communications. While ensuring the user's timely communication at critical moments, it can also change the user's traditional command, dispatch and communication mode to ensure better and more efficient information transmission.

Digital walkie-talkies can comprehensively improve the efficiency of frequency utilization, thereby satisfying the needs of more users. When the channel spacing is adjusted from 25kHz to 12.5kHz, the frequency utilization of the walkie-talkie is increased by one-fold, and the function of the digital walkie-talkie using TDMA technology to carry two voice channels in one channel also makes the overall channel capacity four times the original. It is also the result of continuous research and development by walkie-talkie communication companies.

The error correction technology of the more intelligent digital walkie-talkie improves the effective communication distance and voice clarity of the walkie-talkie, and the digital processing technology of the digital walkie-talkie also effectively suppresses background noise, enabling users to have a good call experience.