Reasons why walkie-talkies are big for mobile phones


Reasons why walkie-talkies are big for mobile phones

Both walkie-talkies and mobile phones are communication devices and have many users. Many people like to compare the two. Many people say that the mobile phone keeps getting smaller, why is the walkie-talkie bigger than the mobile phone?

The user groups of walkie-talkies and mobile phones are not the same. Those who use walkie-talkies are professionals in the industrial, corporate, and government sectors in society, while those who use mobile phones are consumers. Walkie-talkie is an investment in the production process, and most industrial, corporate or government users purchase the walkie-talkie system and use it as a tool.

Intercom calls require high-power current output to ensure smooth calls. The mobile phone does not need, just rely on the cellular network, does not need the high-power electric current output. If the walkie-talkie becomes as small as a mobile phone, it will affect the cost of the walkie-talkie.

Consumer products and commercial products, such as mobile phones and commercial walkie-talkies, have not considered these factors in the design, so their mechanical design facilitates the design of smaller, thinner, and lighter housings. The difference is obvious: try dropping your [non-Motorola] phone in the office a few times. The phone will break. The rugged industrial-grade walkie-talkie equipment will not break under normal conditions in an industrial environment.

The walkie-talkie device can carry out government-level encryption for voice transmission that requires a high level of security. This requires a hardware encryption circuit, and more circuits and hardware will be added inside the walkie-talkie. If the mobile phone meets such complex user requirements, the mobile phone will be larger than its current size.

Sometimes the walkie-talkie is used in a specific environment, such as when firefighters are fighting fires, they need to wear protective clothing and protective gloves. If the walkie-talkie is too small, it is not conducive to the operation of the firefighter wearing gloves. If the shape is too small, it will be difficult to operate and easy to fall off. .

Therefore, at present, walkie-talkies are not suitable for becoming smaller than mobile phones.