Don’t use fake antennas on the mobile station


Don’t use fake antennas on the mobile station

Do not use fake antennas in the vehicle-mounted station, and ensure that the antenna itself has a standing wave ratio below 1.5. The group guarantees impedance and reactance matching. In addition to the guarantee of technical indicators, stable quality is very important. Once the antenna with unstable quality has poor contact, it may cause burn-in, which will not be worth the gain.

In addition, when using the vehicle-mounted radio, do not deviate from the radio transmitter module and transmit at frequencies other than the center frequency of the antenna, because the more deviated, the larger the standing wave. It is not possible to use a 400M antenna to transmit above 2 meters, and vice versa.

Before using the vehicle antenna, check the parameters of the antenna with a standing wave meter and an antenna analyzer to ensure that the parameters are normal. , Detect standing wave and power situation at any time.

Frequently check whether the feeder is damaged or not. If there is damage, it is recommended to replace it, because it will also cause radio wave leakage, forming a standing wave, and endanger the human body. If it breaks, it cannot be launched.

The antenna can not be used upside down, the standing wave will be very large after it is down, which will damage the machine.
The antenna should not be used indoors, it will cause high standing waves and be harmful to the human body.
Do not always disassemble the antenna, it is easy to cause a standing wave due to poor contact and affect the life of the machine.
On rainy days, pay attention to the joints not to be able to enter the water, if the water enters, the standing wave will be high. Also pay attention to the inspection of the joints. Is there any loose condition.
The antenna feeder system is also very important, try to use the "-5" left and right feeder, most of the car machine is damaged because the feeder has a bad interface and burns.

If it is a vehicle-mounted machine, the output voltage of the rectifier on the vehicle to the battery must be guaranteed below 15V. It can be measured with an electric meter at ordinary times. It should be noted that when the flame is turned off, the voltage is generally about 12.5V, and the voltage to be speeded should be about 13.5V. Increase the speed by 3 thousand revolutions. As long as it does not exceed 14V, the rectifier is no problem. Hajime will also be well protected.