Identify true and false walkie-talkie batteries


Identify true and false walkie-talkie batteries

The batteries in the walkie-talkie battery
Motorola original battery: Only use batteries that have passed many strict inspections and meet various standards. The capacity of a single cell is strong, and the assembled walkie-talkie battery has excellent continuous performance and long use time.
Counterfeit batteries: The batteries used in most counterfeit batteries have poor consistent performance. Mismatched assembly results in high battery impedance and unreliable battery capacity.

Flexible circuit
Motorola original battery: A new patented flexible cord connection technology is used to connect the internal batteries and electronic devices. The soft copper film flexible circuit automates the production process, miniaturizes the components, and has high reliability. Ensure reliable quality, low impedance, and reduce the chance of defective products.

Counterfeit batteries: A typical counterfeit battery uses wires and poorly flexible metal sheets for circuit connection. The whole production process adopts manual operation or manual welding. Therefore, the chance of short circuit and open welding is greatly increased. Because the welding technique is not good enough, the battery impedance may be very high.

Key electronics

Motorola original battery: to ensure the performance of the walkie-talkie battery and charger, choosing good electronic devices is the basic principle. Multi-channel switching element, the current can be reset when the temperature is high. The thermal temperature detection element can effectively monitor the battery temperature. It controls the working condition of the circuit and prevents overload. The diode prevents the battery from flowing current to the charger

Counterfeit batteries: Inferior electronic components are typically used, and the welding quality of the components is also poor. Some playing devices even fail and cannot function properly at all.