What is a marine walkie-talkie?


What is a marine walkie-talkie?

Marine walkie-talkie is a particularly professional walkie-talkie. Its use environment is harsh, the ship has a wide range of activities, and the sea temperature changes greatly. To meet the needs of safe navigation at sea, its product design is very professional, and the working frequency is also unified. According to maritime communications Uniform regulations.

The working frequency range of marine intercom radios is from 156.025MHz-157.425MHz, RX is from 156.050MHz to 163.275MHz.

The working channels are divided into international channels, American channels and Canadian channels. There are also 10 weather channels (of which 8 are American weather channels and 2 are Canadian weather channels). The three working channels are the standard versions of the three channels, and there are three standard versions for each marine walkie-talkie.

Users can choose different versions of the frequency when purchasing marine walkie-talkies according to their requirements. There are many countries that adopt the American frequency standard version. Most of China's marine radios use the American version. It is said that the American frequency version has more same frequency points and fewer different frequency points.