How to choose an explosion-proof walkie-talkie


How to choose an explosion-proof walkie-talkie

MOTOTRBO GP300D series digital walkie-talkies have passed the explosion-proof test of the National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center CQST and obtained the explosion-proof certification. They are specially designed for the high-risk operating environment of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises. They are all highly regarded equipment. Motorola explosion-proof walkie-talkies are stable and capable. In addition, these models have explosion-proof functions, so what is an explosion-proof walkie-talkie? Let me introduce to you.

The usual explosion-proof walkie-talkie refers to a walkie-talkie that can work in an explosive gas environment. The appearance of explosion-proof walkie-talkies is the same as that of ordinary walkie-talkies, but the materials and physical characteristics used are very different from those of ordinary models, instead of being able to withstand drops, shocks, explosions, etc., which is understood by ordinary people.

1. In terms of appearance, explosion-proof walkie-talkies are no different from ordinary walkie-talkies;

2. The explosion-proof certification label is affixed to the back of the walkie-talkie, which can be seen when the power is removed.

3. Generally, when choosing explosion-proof walkie-talkies, as long as you choose the one that is suitable for your use environment, it can safely play the role of explosion-proof in the use environment, that is, only choose the most suitable one. This function may not be used in general use places.

4. The explosion-proof walkie-talkies currently on the market are mainly divided into two types: "n" type electrical equipment and intrinsically safe type "I".