Can we use a wireless walkie-talkie in a thunderstorm?


Can we use a wireless walkie-talkie in a thunderstorm?

1. The occurrence of lightning hazards

Lightning hazards are divided into direct lightning and induced lightning;
It is easy to understand that a direct lightning strike means that lightning strikes you directly. As long as you are in a properly designed and constructed house with preventive measures, you will not be struck by direct lightning.

Inductive mines are mainly electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction. Clouds carry positive or negative charges, and metal objects on the ground will induce opposite charges, which is called electrostatic induction;
Because the lightning current is huge and changes instantaneously, a huge instantaneous electromagnetic field is generated in the surrounding space, and nearby metal objects will generate a high electromotive force in the instantaneous huge electromagnetic field, which is called electromagnetic induction.

If the induction is not easy to understand, I would say the simple point is that even if the thunder does not directly hit a metal object, the ground on the metal object will be charged due to induction, which will cause damage, the size of the damage, and the size of the metal object. There are relationships. It doesn't have to be a mobile phone. As long as it is a metal object, even the metal buttons on your clothes will have the effect of lightning induction, but the size of the buttons and the mobile phone is too small, and the induced energy is also very small, which can not hurt people.


2. Common sense of the principle of wireless walkie-talkies

Walkie-talkies and radios, these devices that communicate by radio waves, have a small antenna inside to receive radio wave signals and then process and amplify the signals. The electrical signals are turned into sound through earphones, or the sound is turned into electrical signals with simple words. , And then amplify, process, become a radio wave signal and send it to the air, which is received and processed by the base station of the telecommunications bureau and transferred to the person talking with you.

In fact, the radio from the base station of the telecommunications bureau and the wireless walkie-talkie permeates the entire space. In addition to your mobile phone signal, there are many radios everywhere in the air, such as TV, radio, signals from other people’s mobile phone calls, and even induction mines. Interfering signals are not only when you have a call signal near your mobile phone, and it is not only when you turn on the phone or when you talk to have a signal from someone else’s mobile phone to fly to your mobile phone, but your signal can then transfer your signal. The call is "selected from other radio signals, but when the phone is transmitting, the nearby signal is stronger.

The mobile phone antenna is a black object, so it can receive (in fact, I want to use the word induction more here, rain is not receiving). The first line of electricity, as long as there is an object belonging to the industry, which is the metal on your clothes can also be in the air The radio signal is the same as the induction principle of electricity generation, except that the signal cannot be processed, and your call cannot be selected from other radio signals. As long as you don’t want to talk, you can use the metal buckle mobile phone no matter you turn it on or off) to receive Radio, receiving induced lightning, these effects are no different. They are too small in size and shielded by houses. The received lightning induced energy is too small. The radio signal is large. I also said that the mobile phone will amplify the signal. Will the lightning induction "amplify" and hurt people? Don't worry, this "amplification" actually means that the signal energy received by the antenna of the mobile phone is too small. If the energy of the mobile phone battery is larger, it is provided by the mobile phone battery. Energy repeats this signal again, so that you can hear it with headphones, but in any case the battery of the mobile phone is not dead.


3. Some errors

Some people say that "radio waves cause thunder and lightning." This is a conceptual error. Only conductive metal lines can induce thunder and radio waves are not conductors and will not cause thunder and lightning. Radio waves must be able to attract thunder and lightning at any time and everywhere, so no matter where we hide, we are dead when there is a "click" sound when listening to the mobile phone. It sounds terrifying, but that is only the effect of thunder and lightning on the quality of the call. Interference does not mean that your mobile phone is about to explode. Why is there a report of death with a mobile phone during thunder and lightning? There are many reasons for this kind of false report. For other reasons, you were killed by thunder, you happened to be picking up your mobile phone, or you were killed. Sometimes I didn’t use my mobile phone but I was added to the vinegar, so I was reported by reporters who did not understand electrical, commented by critics who did not understand electrical, and even some electrical engineers with wrong concepts made wrong comments.