How to deal with the water entering the wireless walkie-talkie


How to deal with the water entering the wireless walkie-talkie

一、 Processing

1. Handling of circuit boards and conductive rubber buttons

First, clean the conductive rubber button of the wireless walkie-talkie with anhydrous alcohol, and place it to dry for later use. Then use a sharp tool to remove the dirt between the integrated blocks and cables, and then soak the circuit board with absolute alcohol. Scrub it with a soft play, place it in a ventilated place and dry it with a hair dryer. Note that the temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high. Put your hands on the circuit board and you can endure it.

2. Handling of speakers and microphones

Put the speaker and microphone under the hair dryer to dry, pay attention to the temperature not too high, the speaker and the speaker should not be soaked in anhydrous alcohol.

3. Disposal of the case

Clean up the dirt in the gap of the wireless walkie-talkie shell, soak it in absolute alcohol, wash it with a brush, and place it in a ventilated place to dry for use.

4. Disposal of antenna and battery.

Check whether there is water or moisture in the soft leather cover of the antenna. You can deal with it according to the processing method of the circuit board and conductive rubber button. The walkie-talkie battery is divided into a battery block and a battery box. First test the battery and current, if necessary, you can recharge and try if the battery The box is AA rechargeable batteries, which can be easily replaced. Since the battery is definitely sealed, use a knife to carefully disassemble it and replace the battery of the walkie-talkie that is broken inside.


二、 Test machine

After the parts of the walkie-talkie have been processed, they can be reinstalled in the reverse order of the disassembly. After the check is correct, the machine can be powered on and tested. It is better to connect the ammeter in series when the battery box is inserted. It is recommended to use the fuselage if the battery box is not convenient to connect the ammeter in series. The direct current broadcast hole is broadcasted into 6-9V direct current. Turn on the power for a short time and observe that the current should not be greater than 60mA, otherwise there is still a short circuit or leakage in the machine. After the current is normal, you can observe whether the frequency display and the emission indicator are normal. Then use the same frequency, good walkie-talkie to test the receiving and sending calls. If it is normal, then look at the working current during transmission. For walkie-talkies with a short talk distance, check whether the antenna and antenna plug are loose and oxidized.

The current is normal when the machine is powered on, but if CL or the frequency is displayed incorrectly, and cannot be received or spoken, it means that the frequency needs to be reset. For walkie-talkies that use batteries to "memorize", such as H260, check the voltage of the lithium battery first. For current, the voltage of the lithium battery is 3, and the short-circuit current can be used for more than 100m.