What should we do if the intercom signal cannot be received in the basement?


What should we do if the intercom signal cannot be received in the basement?

We often hear from our customers that the signal of their walkie-talkie is not good. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the farther the transmission, the better the penetration effect, but generally the walkie-talkie is held closer to the person’s head;
The state stipulates that the maximum power of handheld walkie-talkies should not exceed 5W. More than 5W is harmful to the human body and is especially not suitable for long-term use.
So for the basement or a relatively large building, the signal of the walkie-talkie is not good, what is the solution?

1. Poor signal in the basement

Generally, the reinforced concrete walls in the basement of residential properties are relatively thick, and the attenuation of the walkie-talkie signal is large. It is difficult to communicate with the upstairs in the basic basement. For such customers, if there is a repeater device in the first place, the frequency resources will not be increased , Expand the coverage of the original base station; through the signal test equipment, clarify which areas of the basement have signal blind areas, and increase the antenna layout in the blind areas.

If there is no repeater equipment, then add repeater equipment. Take DMR/PDT digital repeater as an example. A digital repeater can use two channels. This needs to be configured according to the customer's own channel usage. Repeater equipment. The entire basement is covered by coaxial cables and antennas; an outdoor antenna is added on the roof to ensure a good signal in a certain area upstairs.

2. The signal of the intercom inside the building is not good

For clubs, KTVs and other places with relatively large floor areas, because of the large area and the decoration and layout of the walls, the signal of the walkie-talkie is poor. For the number of channels, you can install a RD620 wall-mounted repeater. This repeater is built-in The power duplexer only needs to be hung on the wall and can be used after connecting the antenna. It can cover a floor area of 100-200 meters.

3. The signal of the walkie-talkie is not good in the zero-time place

For example, some emergency incident handling, high-end conference activities, and the signal of the walkie-talkie are not good.
We recommend using a built-in compact design with a thickness of only 41mm, which is different from 3kg.
Built-in duplexer: optional built-in mini duplexer, the internal space is more compact, and the volume is more compact. For outdoor construction sites, field activities, etc.