Four major functions of digital walkie-talkies | Leading changes in various industries


Four major functions of digital walkie-talkies | Leading changes in various industries

Walkie-talkie technology was first produced in the turbulent 1920s and was born in the Westinghouse laboratory. An eccentric inventor named John Kermode "wishfully" wanted to realize automatic sorting of postal documents. At that time, every idea about the application of electronic technology was very novel.

However, with the rapid development of informatization in recent years, walkie-talkies and background command communication systems have become one of the most important communication methods in today's society. Each walkie-talkie manufacturer has customized digital intercom function applications according to the special needs of professional users. The unanimous praise of our customers has brought a stable and reliable high-quality communication experience to customers in industries such as airports, terminals, forestry, railways, oil fields, shopping malls and hotels, which not only improves teamwork and communication efficiency, but also helps companies realize commercial value maximize.

One of the digital intercom functions: Voice call ringing is the most critical function in various industry applications. The group call function of digital intercom can divide users and realize efficient group calls, which can be widely used in In many industries such as property, service industry and shopping malls; and in industries with command and dispatch characteristics such as petroleum and petrochemical and railways, digital intercom has realized single call function and forced insertion function to ensure that superiors can guarantee orders in a timely and private manner. Convey in place For users in the hotel field, the digital intercom body has customized work orders and SMS functions. The staff can call the address book and see the execution of the work orders. It can be convenient and fast through text messages when it is not convenient for voice communication. Communication.

Digital intercom function 2: The GPS positioning and dispatching function of the digital intercom can accurately locate team members, forestry, port, urban management and security industries, delimit the commuting scope and area, significantly reduce the communication cost in a wide area and achieve inter-team communication Communicate seamlessly.

Digital intercom function: IP interconnection system can connect multiple repeaters to each other through an IP network to form a system with a larger coverage area. Especially suitable for forestry and railway industries with a wide wireless communication area, which can significantly improve the communication efficiency between teams and reduce communication costs.

Digital intercom function four: single base station and mobile base station trunking system can support many wireless walkie-talkies with donkeys for efficient and clear voice and data communication in the same system. It is also the best in the petroleum and petrochemical, manufacturing, and small and medium airports and ports industries. Choice of wireless communication solutions. For example, a single-station trunking system can help petroleum and petrochemical companies to flexibly establish communication teams, especially to establish communication solutions for signal blind areas; connect different production rooms to the entire factory area to achieve unified management of the entire factory area, through voice and Abundant digital information, flexible production and management scheduling on a larger scale, to help petrochemical companies increase refined management and improve corporate efficiency.

Written at the end, it can be denied that a new era of digital intercom has come, whether it is for high-end users who have higher requirements for product quality and reliability, or for business users who pay attention to economy, digital intercom is sophisticated With the in-depth development of industry application functions, the demand for transformation has become a long way to go. I believe that in the future, with the cooperation of manufacturers in the global walkie-talkie field, there will be more digital intercom functions targeted at key moments of different industries into the market, and it will also help various industries to improve communication efficiency to a greater extent.