Two way radio using skills


Two way radio using skills

1. When using the walkie-talkie, you must first press the conversation button, and then start talking.

2. The dialogue volume of the walkie-talkie should be kept at the maximum volume, and the volume should not be adjusted at will.

3. The best distance between the walkie-talkie and the mouth during a conversation is 20-30cm. Each time you press the conversation button, the conversation should not exceed 1 minute.

4. Use civilized language in the dialogue, and do not use the walkie-talkie to chat or talk about topics unrelated to work.

5. The walkie-talkie should be carried with you, and it can be answered in time when someone calls, and no one can answer multiple calls.

6. When calling the other party, you must express clearly who to call, tell the other party who you are, what to ask or what you need to do for you. When the called party cannot hear what the other party is saying, ask the other party to repeat or repeat what they heard.

7. When someone calls and no one answers, the squad leader of the called person or other people nearby with walkie-talkies should answer in time after hearing it, ask what is wrong, and then tell the called person.

8. When you are not using the walkie-talkie, you must not press the dialogue button to occupy the channel and affect the use of other personnel.

9. Each department, each room, each walkie-talkie must be assigned a special person to be responsible, and each team in the operation workshop must be handed over. When there is an abnormality, report to the workshop or department in time, and then submit it to each department to report to the equipment infrastructure department for repair or replacement.

10. The walkie-talkie should not be placed in places with large magnetic fields (near electric cabinets, etc.)

11. Those who do not bring the walkie-talkie or call multiple times and fail to answer a fine of 5 yuan, and those who damage the walkie-talkie will be compensated at the price.