Walkie-talkie top ten brand list, walkie-talkie brand list, what brand of walkie-talkie is good? [2019]


Walkie-talkie top ten brand list, walkie-talkie brand list, what brand of walkie-talkie is good? [2019]
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Several factors to consider when buying a walkie talkie:
Whether it's hard field crossing or leisure skiing, horse riding and other activities, walkie-talkies are the best way to maintain contact between teams. The special nature of the field activities also puts forward some special requirements for our purchase of machines, of which the key considerations are:
2.Frequency point compatibility
3.Operating, waterproof and shockproof

1.Selection of power supply
Common radio power supplies are: lithium rechargeable batteries, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, AA alkaline batteries. It is generally not possible to charge in the wild, so the standby time and talk time of the two-way radio are relatively important parameters, otherwise problems often occur due to insufficient power of the two-way radio when communication is most needed. Generally speaking, the power of two-way radios powered by lithium and nickel metal hydride is relatively large, but the backup battery is a big problem; the power of two-way radios powered by alkaline batteries is generally less than 2W.

2.Communication frequency
The relationship between communication frequency and radio communication is as inseparable as roads and cars. There are two main types of common walkie-talkies: those brought back from abroad; and civilian walkie-talkies purchased in domestic regular stores. Although communication is performed in the UHF frequency band, due to the differences between domestic radio frequency band management regulations and international standards, the communication frequencies of these two types of radios are also very different: Domestic open-air civil radio frequencies: (0.5 watt The following powers cannot be self-programmed to change the transmission frequency)

3.Operating, waterproof and shockproof
Maybe you are thinking about buying a handheld radio now. The hand-held radio can change the transmission frequency, has a complex scanning function, and the transmission power is large, but one thing is its weakness: easy to do. Just like the imported VCD machine with an extremely complicated menu in our home, in fact, it took a long time to find out that the commonly used functions are still done well by those domestic machines. The biggest advantage of walkie-talkie VS handheld radio is that it is easy to work, and professional walkie-talkies often have simpler panels, and you can learn to work in 5 minutes.
Due to the harsh conditions in the field, the waterproof and shockproof functions of the two-way radio should also be considered. Just like the two RockyPannel and military standards emphasized by the two-way radio, it is actually very practical for Green Savage. After all, in the wild we have to spend as much time as possible to take care of ourselves rather than those delicate equipment.

In the case of a straight line without obstacles, the power of the radio is basically proportional to the communication distance. The straight-line communication distance promised by 0.5W walkie-talkies is generally about 3.2 kilometers, and 2W walkie-talkies are 9-10 kilometers (this distance will be greatly reduced in the valley). High power will bring the problem of large power consumption, so it is best to consider the situation you may encounter and the expected communication distance when purchasing the machine.