The 2019 Communication Survey Results Are In


In the transportation and logistics industry, communication is the backbone of success. But as communications technologies continue to reshape the industry, what investments should your company be making? What do your employees consider to be their most pressing communication challenges and what technology can best overcome them?

HuaRi Solutions has been closely following emerging transportation technology trends to help provide answers. From the responses of nearly 400 transportation and logistics professionals, we found effective, instant communication is an invaluable tool. This helps transportation and logistics companies better ensure safety and increase productivity, while meeting growing customer demands for faster delivery.

38% of transportation and logistics workers use smartphones as their primary means of communication. With 20% of Fortune 500 companies enforcing policies prohibiting handheld and hands free phone use altogether, we can expect two-way radio adoption to accelerate as a safer, alternative form of push-to-talk communication.

Respondents also reported that 81% of workers use more than one device to do their job. Yet 92% would find it of value to connect all devices, providing instant unified communications between any worker on any device.

The report also highlights the top applications workers find most valuable, as well as their top communication and security challenges. Their answers indicate there are still many opportunities for transportation and logistics businesses to gain a competitive edge with intelligent, instant, and reliable connectivity. In the Survey Report, we explore additional insights and these challenges in more detail, as well as possible solutions to the difficulties transportation and logistics workers face today.